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1) Comprehensive Assessment

The process allows us to understand your educational background and current status, skill set, goals, and desires.

1. The Strong’s Interest Inventory

2. Profiles tailored to your life situation


2) Individualized Interpretation

We continue the conversation by analyzing your assessment and walking through it with you.

We will meet for your coaching session via Zoom or FaceTime. 


In person coaching sessions are available on the north side of Indianapolis. 

3) Next Steps Plan

We develop a plan for success that integrates faith and values with a path for a sustainable future.

Prior to the coaching session, we will send you a packet with pertinent information regarding your life stage, along with suggestions on how you might best move forward. 


When we meet, we will help you navigate this information in a way that sets you up for a successful transition.


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“We are dedicated to helping individuals achieve academic and career success according to their unique gifts and abilities.”

- Debbie Bouse

Founder of Successful Transitions

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What Our Clients Say

I really want to thank you for your services. I almost broke out in tears a couple times during our meeting because I could tell how helpful this was for our daughter. High school is hard. But she came away with a smile, a direction and I think some additional confidence.

— a happy family in Terre Haute, IN

“Deborah has helped direct 7 of my children into career fields they are most suitable for. We are amazed at how accurate the assessments are for each child. In addition to fields of study, we learned of colleges that support the educational needs for each child and what part of that career is most appealing to our child’s temperament. I am so grateful for her care and guidance as we have we prepared our young adults to launch into the post-high-school world!”


— a happy family in Michigan

We have used the Career Assessment with 3 of our teens. The assessment was extremely accurate and thorough. With Debbie’s expertise, she has guided each of our teens as they have considered their career choices. She also carefully selected schools that were a good match for our personal criteria, such as geography, finances, and scholarships. We highly recommend Debbie Bouse!
— a happy family in Texas

“As someone who changed her major a few times in her first two years of college, I can attest to the value and savings of Debbie's services. Had something like this been around when I was in college, I would have been more focused by knowing clearly my strengths, interests, and career aspirations. I would have saved a lot of money by avoiding unnecessary classes. I have 4 children and all of them will definitely be working with Debbie.”


— a happy family in Indianapolis

We are so thankful to have used Debbie's services back when our boys were in high school. Debbie was not only helpful in helping our boys with a career path but also was very helpful in school choice. We had such a good experience that we pass along her name to anyone needing help with transitioning their career whether it is a high school student or adult. Debbie is helpful in guiding one to either college, vocational college, military or direct employment. We like the fact that she does not push you always into college but helps with the options that are best suited for the individual. She is not just a test giver but we believe she is gifted by God in the interpretation and application of the test. We hope you consider using Successful Transitions as you will find it to be a very fun, helpful experience that takes little time on your part.


— a happy family in Michigan

“She really understands the college process and offers valuable insights on how to navigate its challenges and complexities She also really goes the extra mile of providing additional resources and helping every step of the journey.”


— a happy family in Indianapolis

a little about me

My name is Debbie Bouse. I started Successful Transitions because I knew how beneficial an education, whether at a traditional university or on-site in a vocational setting, could be. For many people, the act of discerning the right path to walk down is not only stressful, but also unnecessarily difficult due to a lack of proper tools and coaching. Since 2004, I have made it my goal to give people the tools and guidance they need to successfully negotiate educational and career transitions in a way that is financially reasonable and time effective.

  • B.S. Butler University
  • M.S. Indiana University


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